Core Value & Nuts Farm GL Responsibility

Core Value:

Professional Support quickly & satisface Must have accountability for all your actions & words.

Our point of view are very clear about recruiting personnel, the suitable personnel whose meets the requirements of the job and good ethics. People are the core factor & determine the success or failure of an enterprise, so we always place the importance of employees by building & perfecting according to a very clear process: Caring about life - training on working technique and behavior - always ask for dynamism & innovation, creative thinking at work in work to get the best results and satisfy the needs of customers - Must have accountability for all your actions & words. Those are the core value in our company and have been and are being responded to very positively by customers. This is the core reason why we've been survival around for over 10 years.

Responsibility to customer

"Over 15 year experence, we understand very well - Ours responsibility is to meet at customers demand via the most reasonable way"
                                                  Sale Director - Mrs To Nguyet

✔ Connect quickly & provide exactly information to customers

✔ Building trust with customers via competiprice & good quality of product.

✔ Prestige & Professional

Head office

Factory/ Packing


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